Starbucks Cup Sleeve Mini

I was recently in a challenge that dealt with mixed media. There were a number of themes to choose from. One theme that stood out to me was “Children”. I usually don’t scrapbook off the page, but for this I decided to challenge myself with creating a mini album. This is the first mini album I’ve made using photos. Normally I’ll make a mini album, leave it blank to add photos to later, but later never comes! This time I chose the photos, then made the album pages, based on the photos. This is the most fun creating I’ve had in a very long time! I used a Stampin’ Up kit I purchased off of ebay years ago. Never thought I would use flat stickers, but they just seem to make the album. I’m thinking I might try to buy more “kits” or even create my own for more projects like this. Super easy and other than journaling, a one day wonder!! Hope you enjoy! ❤


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