My Space Within The Box

This is my craftroom. Welcome! I get an entire bedroom to myself! I’ve had the closet organizers and counter tops forever and whenever we move I just take them with me. Love how quick and easy these are to set up, they make any place home for me! For this room I have a south facing window and I don’t get a lot of sunlight–I love sunlight–so I’ve added undercounter light to each work area so it doesn’t feel as dark. I have 2 4′ countertops that are mounted with monster braces on the wall in the studs. So far they’ve held up well! The pink filing cabinet I acquired for free and took some krylon paint and sprayed it. I love it and when I get tired of the pink, I can always change it for cheap! On the back of my door is a clear shoe organizer that I made into an embellishment organizer. This is only a small grouping of my embellies, but they’re the ones I use the most so I made them easy to get to. Since the door to my craftroom stays shut, I have my plants in this room. My cats love to eat my plants and will decimate a plant in a few hours! Here my beauties are safe and I love how lush they are! Well that’s it, small but neat and tidy! Thanks for visiting my crafty space!


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