Little Darling Baby Shoe….

I was browsing facebook and I came across the idea of altering a shoe–not sure what post I saw it on or where but I was instantly intrigued. I know it sounds strange and why would you want to alter a shoe…well I have to tell you it’s one of THE most creative things I’ve done in a while! It’s very addicting too…since making this baby shoe I’ve altered 4 other shoes and I have more awaiting my creative muse! For this baby shoe I used a size 2 girls mary jane with a soft soled bottom. I had some beautiful lace from a wedding dress I tore loveingly apart for just such an occasion as this. Since this was such a small shoe I decided to make it into a pin holder for hat pins (which you can see in an earlier post). All of the embellishments on the shoe were hot glued using a low temp glue gun. I hope it inspires you to think outside your box and repurpose something you would never have thought to repurpose!


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