The other baby shoe….the untold story

Well you saw the pink baby shoe that was altered into a pincushion.  That little beauty was sent to live with someone else. Who loved receiveing it.  Now I bet you wondered whatever happened to the other baby shoe….left all alone… well in the process of things called a life and the fact that it takes time to blog….I forgot to post what I made with that other darling baby shoe….so here it is….the untold story of the other baby shoe….now as you can tell this shoe looks quite a bit different than the pincushion baby shoe….truth is I cut off the high top of the shoe….at this point I wasn’t afraid to cut and trim and repurpose it since the first shoe turned out so fine.  Well getting up my courage, I then mod podged on vintage sheet music I was lucky enough to purchased a whole book at an estate sale for 50 cents. The sweet old lady had been a piano teacher and had around 100 books….seriously why did I ever pass up a find like that?!? Well never thought I’d actually use them… moving on….the shoe turned out perfect….I was hesitant to do more with it…I could have just put on a flower and called it good….but of course not….I love to alter things and the more I put on something the better I feel in the end….anyone else feel that way too?? The more the merrier?  Looking at the shoe it needed something….with the height gone on top I decided to give it height from below so to the bottom of the shoe I glued on a wooden spool to make it look like a heel.   Yep I know I could have used anything for a heel so why a spool?? No idea maybe it was the wood color I really liked….anyway from there I had to add something inside….I did try to fill it with a stuffed burlap, but it just didn’t look good….so I browsed the internet and found a very pretty vintage image ….honestly I’m not sure where I hyperlinked to get the image….should  I come across it again I’ll be sure to put up a link and share it.  Well of course  I distressed the picture with Tim Holtz crackle glaze. If you’ve never used it, go out and buy some…best stuff EVER for putting a fun crackle glaze on things AND best of all it’s super easy to use.   At this point it still needed more so what do I add……vintage lace, pearls, handmade flowers (a youtube find and I’ll be sure to post the link) a buckle, a fleur de lis, a little vellum bow, feathers……honestly I didn’t want to stop adding…but there comes a point where there’s just no more room to add more so you stop…..and voila! A vintage altered baby shoe!!  I know you’ll never see baby shoes the same….well I don’t…I’m always on the hunt for more cute shoes to turn into fun altered items…..This little shoe treasure found a new home with one of my swap ladies… actually matched an easter egg I had altered and sent her…but that is definately another story….till then enjoy!!


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