Recycled Cream Cheese Box

Another Mixed Media Challenge I took part in. For this the theme was Dreams. What better way to store your dreams than in a little dream box. I utilized the left overs from the same stampin up kit I used for my mini album. I love using every scrap I can! I dismantled the box then put paper on it using elmer’s craft glue. I LOVE their glue and it seems to hold paper indefinately! I still need to alter the inside and make a mini with what little paper remains…so stay tuned for more!


Starbucks Cup Sleeve Mini

I was recently in a challenge that dealt with mixed media. There were a number of themes to choose from. One theme that stood out to me was “Children”. I usually don’t scrapbook off the page, but for this I decided to challenge myself with creating a mini album. This is the first mini album I’ve made using photos. Normally I’ll make a mini album, leave it blank to add photos to later, but later never comes! This time I chose the photos, then made the album pages, based on the photos. This is the most fun creating I’ve had in a very long time! I used a Stampin’ Up kit I purchased off of ebay years ago. Never thought I would use flat stickers, but they just seem to make the album. I’m thinking I might try to buy more “kits” or even create my own for more projects like this. Super easy and other than journaling, a one day wonder!! Hope you enjoy! ❤

Stepping on the Box

Here I go making my first post to my new little blog called Little Soapbox Girl.

I’m not a blogger….I’m usually a stalker. I read about people on their blogs when they have a link or look on their blogs to find ideas or subscribe to their blogs thinking they might have something interesting to say, but I don’t consider myself… a blogger.
No, I’m a stalker.
I don’t post comments. I want too, just not brave enough too. I just stalk…..lerk…read….listen……

I decided to change this notion of myself. It was one of those moments when the light bulb popped on. An idea just came out of nowhere. There’s a way for me to voice my opinions, my thoughts, my feelings and “to the moon” with everyone else! There are a million people blogging and talking about anything and everything. Why not me? Who will really read about me, and my little tiny existance on the big blue planet? Who? …You?… Me? …really Who? Perhaps the Who’s in Whoville….

I don’t know what I will do from day to day. What adventure I will have. What heartache I will share, but you can be sure that I’ll be here. No longer stalking…or lerking….but on my little soapbox chattering away about all sorts of things….

Stay tuned!

creating from the box daily