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Making the space within the box BIGGER!

Sooo for a year I had a small bedroom all to myself for crafting. I had no complaints what-so-ever…..but then I came to the realization that I also had a full basement that was just calling to be used. I had given it to my kids to have as their “domain”…. as their own apartment downstairs, but they never did anything with it besides fill it with junk…so I “flipped” the house….. literally. I decided to make the basement into my personal master retreat. We have 3 bedrooms, 2 “living” areas and a bathroom downstairs…perfect retreat! I feel like I have my own apartment! LOL I’m only partial sub-terranium and have 4′ high windows…it’s amazing how much light I have to create with in my new space. The pics were taken at night so you don’t get to see the light but the amount of space is amazing!


My Space Within The Box

This is my craftroom. Welcome! I get an entire bedroom to myself! I’ve had the closet organizers and counter tops forever and whenever we move I just take them with me. Love how quick and easy these are to set up, they make any place home for me! For this room I have a south facing window and I don’t get a lot of sunlight–I love sunlight–so I’ve added undercounter light to each work area so it doesn’t feel as dark. I have 2 4′ countertops that are mounted with monster braces on the wall in the studs. So far they’ve held up well! The pink filing cabinet I acquired for free and took some krylon paint and sprayed it. I love it and when I get tired of the pink, I can always change it for cheap! On the back of my door is a clear shoe organizer that I made into an embellishment organizer. This is only a small grouping of my embellies, but they’re the ones I use the most so I made them easy to get to. Since the door to my craftroom stays shut, I have my plants in this room. My cats love to eat my plants and will decimate a plant in a few hours! Here my beauties are safe and I love how lush they are! Well that’s it, small but neat and tidy! Thanks for visiting my crafty space!