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Lightbulb resurrection!!

2013-11-16 140

In the theme of altered creations and the fact I hate throwing away anything that can be reused….I had a scentsy bulb burn out a few weeks ago…this is one of the larger warmers so the bulb is small and perfectly round…it’s cute small…if you know what I mean….well if you’ve ever pinterested “bulb ornament” you’ll get all kinds of ideas to make a christmas ornament out of a lightbulb since it’s of the right shape and size…. well I did one better and made it into a hanging plant holder…pinterest “lightbulb plant vase”…I wrapped hemp cording around the opening after busting off the metal part…this was one of those times when a good pair of safety glasses came in quite handy…I hot glued hemp cording around the perimeter of the bulb to give my loope something to cling to so I could hang it up….I rinsed out the inside of the bulb very carefully, added some water and placed my little plant inside….Isn’t this cute….a little hanging plant orb that could be an ornament too….just another idea to get you inspired